MerLin Mini RTA Tank

  • €35.00

Merlin mini specifications  Merlin Mini comes with 2 decks.  see photos
l24*42.3 mm
lCapacity: 2 ML
l304 Stainless Steel
lCome with 2 pcs 18mm decks
lSingle coil deck pre-installed
l2*2 mm squared post holes
lSingle 4.5 mm internal air-holes
lCome with 2mm & 1.5mm airflow hole inserts
l3*4 mm juice holes
lDual coil deck
l2*2.5 mm post holes
lDual 3*5 mm squared air-holes
lVelocity style
l3 mm diameter juice holes
lPeek insulator
lGold plated brass contact
l2*12 mm bottom air-holes.

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